The Bujinkan Dojo is a system of martial arts founded by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi of Nodashi Japan.  This name was created by Soke Hatsumi to collectively represent the nine ryu-ha (schools) of martial arts contained within.  These lineages were passed down to Soke Hatsumi from his teacher, Toshitsugu Takamatsu, know by many as the actual last living ninja.  The name of the system can be defined many ways however one possible translation would be:

Bujinkan Symbol

Bu 武 – Martial or military

Jin 神 – Spirit or heart

Kan 館 – House or Hall

Bujinkan – “Divine Warrior School”

The nine schools that comprise the Bujinkan are as follows with each one representing its own unique skill set or application, six of these are regarded as schools of samurai jujutsu and three of these represent schools of actual ninjutsu:

Gyokko Ryu Kosshijutsu 玉虎流骨指
Koto Ryu Koppojutsu 虎倒流骨法
Kukishin Ryu Happou Bikenjutsu 九鬼神流八法秘剣術
Shinden Fudo Ryu Dakentaijutsu 流打拳体
Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu 高木心流柔体
Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu 戸隠流忍法体
Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu 義鑑流骨法
Gyokushin Ryu Ninpo 玉心流忍法
Kumongakure Ryu Ninpo 流忍





Bujinkan Ranking System:

The ranking system is broken down into different levels.  Initially the student is a white belt or Mukyu, meaning no rank.  Then as one progresses they move through the nine levels of the kyu ranks in descending order.  All nine of these ranks are signified by a green belt and a kyu level wappen or badge as indicated below.  From there the dan levels are further separated into three main categories.  A black belt is worn for all of these although they are separated by three different wappen as an indication of level.  The first level being Ten, or Heaven represents 1st – 4th Dan; the second level being Chi or Earth indicates 5th to 9th Dan and lastly Jin or Man for 10th – 15th Dan.  An instructor can rank a student up to Yondan (4th Dan) and then one must go to Japan to test for the 5th degree.  Once achieved one is considered a Shidoshi (licensed teacher) and is capable of running their own school at that time.   One is referred to as a Shidoshi until 10th Dan at which time one is considered a Shihan or senior instructor although, Soke has stated that only one who achieves the level of Jugodan (15th Dan) will be considered a true Shihan.

9th Kyu to 1st Kyu 9th Kyu – 1st Kyu

Ten (1st to 4th Dan) Ten (1st – 4th Dan)

Chi (5th to 9th Dan) Chi (5th – 9th Dan)

Jin (10th to 15th Dan) Jin (10th – 15th Dan)