What are classes like?

A typical class at the Bujinkan Ganbaru dojo is split into two halves. The first half normally consists of a combination of ukemi (rolling/falling), striking, sanshin no kata (individual movement forms), kihon happo (8 basic techniques), or basic weapons training. The second half of class tends to be a more free form exploration of the basics in a variety of situations. The focus of any specific class varies between waza (specified attack/defense forms), taijutsu (empty-hand combat), or weapons. Some of the weapons studied include bo (6 ft staff), hanbo (3 ft staff), katana (sword), kusari (short rope), tanto (knife), and more.

How do I get started?

We ask that new people come and observe a class before training with us. After that first observation class, you can jump right into training. We offer the first partial month as a free trial period. After that, if you decide that you want to stick around, you can start paying monthly dues for the next full month.

How much does training cost?

Monthly dues are $20 regardless of how many classes are attended.

I don’t have previous martial arts experience …

Bujinkan is a different martial art than most others out there. No previous martial arts experience is necessary to start training with us.

Do you offer a kid’s class?

No, we do not offer a kid’s class at this time.

What should I wear to training?

When first starting out, wear whatever comfortable workout clothes you already have. After you’ve been training for a while you can order a training gi. We train outside so typical Footwear options include barefoot, shoes, or rubber/leather soled tabi.

I have more questions …

Please feel free to get a hold of us through the Location & Schedule page.